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Redefining Hiring with PsyHire's AI

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Transform Your Hiring process with Our Innovative Solutions!


Candidates screened through our AI-powered CV Screener


Candidates screened through our AI-powered Psychometrics


Increase in quality of hire


Reduction in the average time-to-hire

Elevating your talent acquisition beyond the conventional resumes.

Hire for the right fit, not just skills and experience.

Skills and experience are important, but behavior and interpersonal skills are equally crucial for a successful hire. With PsyHire's AIdriven 'applicant tracking system' and video Psychometric assessments, you can evaluate candidates based on their true potential and make confident hiring decisions.

Streamline your hiring process.

Every role requires a unique set of skills and qualities. With PsyHire, tailor your hiring process for each role by customizing screening stages based on specific requirements. Simplify and streamline your hiring process to find the perfect fit for every position.

Source candidates tailored to your job positions.

Seamlessly engage with our network of partner agencies and institutions to actively contribute to your hiring process.

Reduce your average time-to-hire.

Find the right candidate faster with accurate assessments and a streamlined workflow.

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Navigate the Future of Recruitment with PsyHire at Your Side.

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14 day free trial. No credit card required

An AI-driven ATS that utilizes video Psychometric assessment, enabling talent acquisition teams to move beyond evaluating solely the skills and experience of a job applicant.



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